3 Indian summer recipes from Mira Manek

3 Indian summer recipes from Mira Manek

I've had a girl-crush on British Indian food writer, Mira Manek for a while. Where Dilli Grey is all about bringing a modern aesthetic to traditional Indian design - Mira is doing the same, but for Indian cuisine - creating light, healthy recipes that use spices creatively - not just in curries! - to infuse the fragrance of India from breakfast all the way through to supper.

Her first book, Saffron Soul is out now - I love it; it's a modern, healthy update of her mother and grandmother's authentic vegetarian Gujarati recipes - perfect for summer. She's also a complete babe!

Mira Manek Saffron Soul

Mira has kindly let me share three of my favourite recipes with you - an Indian take on a classic Mexican taco (perfect finger food for a crowd), a gorgeously fragrant lazy weekend brunch and my go-to snack when I'm racing about town at our pop-ups, the moreish cacao and cardamom protein balls - enjoy!

Spicy taco fiesta

taco recipe Mira Manek

Cinnamon carrot pancakes with coconut ice cream

cinnamon carrot pancakes by Mira Manek

Cacao and cardamom protein balls

protein energy ball recipe by Mira Manek

Top 3: Outdoor styling ideas, with Dilli Grey

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