Flower power: launching our new perfume oils

puskar rose oil
When creating and designing for Dilli Grey I'm always chasing that essence of India; to to encapsulate the cities, cultures, sights and sounds that are so evocative of the country I love and my quest is always to distill that magic into the products we share so you can feel it too.

A huge part of that sensory journey is smell - on each and every trip to Jaipur I am drawn to Phool Mandi, the dawn wholesale flower market in the city where the independent flower sellers congregate to buy their daily blooms. Hand-picked and delivered to the market in bundles wrapped in vintage saris at day break, bursting at the seams with colour and fragrance. It is always worth the 5am wake up call just so I can lose myself wandering between the sellers, picking out my favourite posies to fill my hotel room with their evocative scents. The two flowers I am drawn to again and again are Mogra (Indian Jasmine) and Pushkar Rose, so I couldn't be prouder to launch them as the first two Dilli Grey perfume oils, more than a year in development - they to me, encapsulate that joy, magic and love that I have for India in two heady scents.

Indian Jasmine
Last year we launched our first candle with an Indian Jasmine fragrance, based on my olfactory memories of growing up in the Far East and wearing mogra garlands in my hair on the beach in Bali. Ever since I've wanted to develop a perfume oil in the same heady, evocative scent. The mogra flowers are picked just before dawn when their scent is at its most potent. It is floral, yet warm and lush - without being cloying and sweet. It's an intense rush and unapologetically exotic and sensual.

Pushkar Rose
Pushkar Rose is unlike any English rose you have smelt before. It it deeper, dirtier, with an incense, musky quality to it. It's not feminine and floral - it's carnal and delicious. The roses, grown in the Rajasthani city of Pushkar are seen as the very finest and sought out by fragrance houses throughout the world for their unique, intense scent.

Our Oils
Both the perfume oils we have developed are pure, floral essences; I wanted to celebrate their singular qualities rather than create a blend of notes. We have simply distilled each bloom and blended it with jojoba oil as a base. It is an intense, perfume oil that comes in a 6ml roller ball applicator to pop in your pocket or bag. We have been wearing and testing the samples as a team for six months and they really linger on the skin, brought to life by the warmth of your body and developing as the day develops. There are no nasties, additives or alcohol. Just two, pure ingredients in each oil.

Our Artisans
This has been a project on my wishlist for a couple of years but it wasn't until I found our artisans last autumn that I knew I could create something that would do my vision justice. Where as a lot of our products are lovingly created by artisans that are 3rd or 4th generation in their craft, a big part of my vision for Dilli Grey is supporting the new wave of modern artisans in Jaipur. The two guys we have collaborated with on our fragrance, and with many more products in development for next year, are young and passionate about building an ethical, Indian business. They travel throughout Rajasthan sourcing the best flowers and distill all their essences in Jaipur themselves. They are absolute maasters of what they do and I feel fortunate that we can creatively collaborate and build our businesses together.

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