Grown-up boho - meet the neutrals

A bit like if we indulged in all our favourite foods everyday, if we wore all our Dilli Grey colourful prints daily, we'd get tired of their gorgeousness - variety is the spice of life!

While we will always be colour magpies (read our interview with fellow colour fan - The Colour File), our Dilli Grey neutrals are sometimes just the super relaxing, grown-up neutrals we need... a bit like a palate cleanser!

For summer we have a range of neutrals - from our sell-out hand embroidered boho maxi dresses  to our gorgeous muted Grey Collection and our new cream and gold 'Ivory Paisley' print.

A gorgeous understated, super-soft cream cotton, embellished with a traditional hand-block printed gold paisley motif. It's elegant, calming and tranquil... just like this shoot the beautiful Stripey Coral did for us (you can meet more of our tribe here).

cream kimono sleepwear

cream cotton sleepwear dressing gown kimono

cream cotton nightshirt nightie

The great thing about being an independent business and working so closely with our artisans in Jaipur is that we can listen to our customers... at pop-ups and events we are constantly tuned in to the prints that people are drawn to and which are instant best-sellers... so we can make more of what you love!

We'd love to hear from you - what's your favourite Dilli Grey print? Our new summer designs will be here at the end of the month - we can't wait for you to see them..

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