Introducing the Treasured Collection - an edit of vintage, statement pieces from India

Introducing the Treasured Collection - an edit of vintage, statement pieces from India

This autumn we are launching a collection that showcases all that Dilli Grey represents. 20 years in the making, The Treasured Collection will include vintage textile pieces, carefully sourced from trusted antiques dealers across Rajhasthan. The pieces themselves come from as far away as Calcutta, Pakistan and Bangladesh and are the finest examples of heritage textile techniques including embroidery, quilting and tailoring. I have been working in the background since launching Dilli Grey to build up a trusted team of experts in the vintage field to ethically source really special pieces for me that are unique and tell a story.

Vintage fashion is my passion - so launching a collection to Dilli Grey customers that marries this with my love of India is a dream! We have always worked closely with artisans on our seasonal collections to use traditional Indian techniques - like our signature hand-block printing and intricate hand embroidery work. These vintage pieces show the history in these techniques - the same kantha quilting on our 50 year old Treasured Collection jackets is still used to this day on our cotton quilts, still done by hand, traditionally by women in their homes.

The antithesis of 'fast fashion' - each piece that we showcase within The Treasured Collection is a true one-off. There are no size alternatives or duplicates - you are buying a stand-out piece of fashion history. We will source new stock seasonally and by all means, email me with your 'wish list' and we can look out for specific pieces on our sourcing trips.

It's been a long-time coming but I'm really excited to finally reveal this new project to you - you can view the full Treasured Collection online now.

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