Why we offer a pre-order model

I thought it would be useful to share a little about our production model and the steps we are making to become a 'zero waste' fashion brand...

You may have noticed that many of our new SS20 products have been released on 'pre-order' this season, meaning you purchase your product up-front to secure your size and it will be delivered 6-8 weeks later once it has been made by our artisans in Rajasthan.

We have begun to offer our products using a pre-order method this season for a range of sustainability reasons. We outlined in our 2020 Sustainability Pledge our aim to be a fully 'zero waste' business this year, and by creating a 'production on demand' collection, it means we are able to manufacture in much more accurate quantities.

We have only ever produced Dilli Grey designs in limited quantities due to the hand-crafted nature of our hand-block printed and hand-embroidered dresses. Some of our quilts take a skilled artisan one month to make; whilst this can be frustrating for consumers as there isn't the 'instant gratification' that we have become used to in fast fashion, it is this 'slow approach to fashion' that we think honours the workmanship involved in producing our beautiful designs.

Moving to a pre-order model this year has not only helped us to order more accurately to elliminate waste, but for every pre-order sold in April and May we have contributed 10% of sales to our 'Commerce with Compassion Fund' to support our artisans during lockdown in India.

Whilst many fast-fashion businesses have severed contracts with their Indian suppliers at short notice or drastically reduced orders, leaving multi-generational businesses on the brink of closure, we have been able to invest in development for next season, giving them forward orders and guaranteed work for the remainder of the year. The relationships we foster with all our artisans are real, long-held and sacred to all that we want to achieve as a growing brand. As we flourish, so do they, as we invest in them and their incredible skills to help bring our vision to life. 

We appreciate that pre-orders are not for everyone, and whilst a number of styles and sizes do sell-out on pre-order, we do try and ensure that once we have stock in-house, we still have a good selection of 'ready to dispatch' designs for people to choose from - like our new Suraj collection, in stock and ready to order.

We also have the flexibility with our artisans to re-order, so if a style or size is out of stock, please do make use of the 'back in stock notifier' and we will let you know as soon as we have more stock available.

We are really trying to offer a sustainable model of fashion retail and demonstrate that 'production on demand' is the way forward for both sustainable and ethical manufacture and we thank you for supporting us in making this a viable way to do business. We want our customers to immediately fall in love with our pieces but equally, we believe that they are worth the wait if they are going to be a timeless addition to your wardrobe that you will wear forever.

Finally, I just want to re-iterate that we do not take lightly you placing your trust and your orders with us. We appreciate it is a transaction made in faith and we aim to honour it whole-heartedly.

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Am firmly behind your approach!
Two things needed i think from consumer perspective
- great images/details/customer help to enable one to make a choice with confidence
- not too long a lead time ideally and definitely for summer things a delivery time which isnt too late in the summer
hope that helps!

Claire Wesley July 17, 2020

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