Winter self-care tips for busy women

I am busy and I'm a woman. And an independent business owner, mother, wife, daughter, friend... you get the picture. We are all torn in so many directions, whatever our title - for our time, attention and energy. As the days get greyer, shorter and we head into 'silly season' - I wanted to share with you some of the little daily habits I adopt to be kinder to myself and thrive over winter.

Journaling and lists!
Call me old-school, but I am a 'pen and paper' girl. I have notebooks full of to-do lists, design ideas, business plans and one by my bed where I keep my gratitude diary each night before I nod off. Even one 'win' for the day helps me drift off in a positive frame of mind.

After serendipidously meeting an amazing hand-made paper producer on my last trip to Jaipur, who creates finely milled paper from the cotton remnants from the fashion industry, we finally had all the components we needed to make our own journals! Beautifully bound in our signature hand-block printed cotton, these lined A6 journals are traditionally bound with a cotton cord. Great for stocking fillers or to get organised for 2019!

New candle
Long-term Dilli Grey Instagram followers can attest to my love of posh candles; the surfaces of my home, workspace and bedroom are filled with heavenly scented votives. I love darker, sexier scents that really create a cossetting mood - the warm flickering light and beautiful perfume can transform the energy of a room... and I now have one to call my own! 'Candles' were on my original business plan, 4 years ago, yet it's taken me a long time to develop a candle I want to put my name to. The scent had to be transportive and delicious and I wanted it to have a wellbeing element too. Enter the Indian Jasmine and aquamarine crystal signature Dilli Grey candle (I still have to pinch myself when I say that!).

vegan natural candle with crystal

It's heady, fragrant Indian Jasmine, with heart notes of calming geranium and lingering base notes of musky patchouli to give it depth. The candle is studded with an aquamarine crystal that I've chosen to promote calmness and letting go. I light it to help me 'switch off' after a mad day in the office and it immediately has that 'aaaaaah' affect. The 'sniff' test this week when we launched it at Spirit of Christmas has been amazing - people have loved it!

Moon cards

I'm interested to hear from you guys - do you pay any attention to the phases of the moon when it comes to your mood, energy levels and productivity? I started gently tracking the cyclical phases in relation to my mood earlier this year and I can definitely see a correlation. There are loads of great books out there that help you plan your month to maximise on the moon's benefits - I use these Moon Cards as a prompt, propped up by my bed, to remind me where we are in the moon's phases. Let me know if you're into it too!

If I'm at home, I'm in my loungewear (a slightly more acceptable term than pjs when it's mid-morning!) and why wouldn't I?! I have the equivalent of a sweet shop in gorgeous snuggly pjs, kimonos and night shirts right there in my stock room. My personal favourite is the oversized boyfriend shirt in the new Pistachio Ikat (main pic) and for Christmas Day morning I'll be sporting the new Chandra Collection pj set, we've listened to your feedback and sourced a new medium-weight cotton (compared to our super floaty summer cotton voile) for a cosier winter weight PJ.

Tell me your winter-survival tips! Slow-cooker recipes? Bath oils? Let me know!





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