'Commerce with Compassion' Artisan Fund

The beauty of working directly with our amazing artisans in India, rather than through a stock house or middleman, is being able to forge those really human, lasting relationships that go beyond a business transaction - we are not just an ‘order’ to them, and they are not just a ‘skill-set’ to us. Because of our daily contact with our suppliers, we have seen in recent weeks the immediate and devastating effect the COVID-19 lockdown in India is having on the smaller artisan set-ups' trade. We have been working together with them to find a real, tangible way to help not only the craftsmen and women support their families whilst they cannot work, but also the knock-on effect to the whole village infrastructure - helping provide essential supplies and ensure the basic needs are met of the whole community.

To enable us to provide this care package to support our artisans, we will be donating 10% of sales in April to our ‘commerce with compassion’ fund - this will be distributed directly to the rural villages outside Jaipur that we work with to ensure it reaches the people who need it most.

We will split the funds between three regions, and report back at the end of the month with examples of the direct impact the donations have made. You can read about one of the charities we already work with who will be benefiting directly from the fund here. We hope you can support us to support them by buying through Dilli Grey this month, or alternatively you can donate straight to the fund via our GoFundMe page here.

UPDATE - We have just donated £350 to go to 'piece workers' in a rural village outside Jaipur - our supplier on the ground in Jaipur has identified those most in need and has used the funds to buy essential food parcels and hygiene supplies for the most vulnerable families. In other great news, our supplier shared the fund raising we are doing in UK with other international clients and they have set up similar funds to raise a further £650 - ensuring £1000 this week is going to those in need.