Design & Inspiration

The beauty of Dilli Grey is in the story, the process and the people as much as the end product, something we are passionate about sharing, transparently through our journal.

As a contemporary lifestyle brand we strive to create to the highest quality whilst also celebrating the uniqueness of every beautiful, handmade piece we design. It's a step away from the uniformity of mass-production and a showcase of the beauty that can be captured when we embrace the personality and nuances that are woven into each design by its maker.

Our products are made from carefully sourced, natural fabrics such as organic cotton and linen; skillfully designed and made in small runs. We pride ourselves on considering all the angles, from fit to fabric, to those special touches that elevate a piece to something worth treasuring.

We also strive to sew a little of that 'magic beauty' of India into each design. Whether it's the heritage hand-block prints we reimagine in our sleepwear, the iconic architecture we reference in our colour palettes or the indigeous wood in our hand-carved candle holders - India is at the heart of all that we design and make - it is a constant source of inspiration and beauty to us and we hope to you, too.