Our Ethics

Our tagline - 'ethical, beautiful, handmade' was born out of a deep-felt passion to launch a brand that created beautiful, considered products in a mindful way. Something that left a positive footprint behind - supporting artisan industries, paying a fair wage and showcasing heritage, handmade craftsmanship. Our vision is to create everyday luxury that has a soul, a story to tell and will infuse your wardrobe and home with a sprinkling of the magic of India...


Slow fashion
We are slow-fashion champions. Contemporary, trend-led design is pivotal to the Dilli Grey aethetic but creating throw-away fashion is not our style. We are conditioned to think that ‘precision, exact replication, volume, speed’ are all the best ways to create fashion – that efficiency is king. Yet what happens when we slow that process down, who benefits? What can we learn? What beauty can be captured in the organic nature of truly handmade designs? These are questions we want to explore. We are constantly reviewing, refining and improving how we work in an ethical and conscious way. We're not perfect but we are making these issues a priority - which is how progress can be made.

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There are no middle men at Dilli Grey – we know all our suppliers personally and have built deep relationships. It’s just about being kind, open, honest and FAIR on a really human-to-human level. Regular trips to India mean we are constantly working alongside the artisans whose hands are making our designs come to life, everyday. It is a partnership between our designs and their skills that we hugely respect and honour. This close relationship also ensures our standards and commitment to a fair deal for those involved in our supply chains are being met at all times. We are passionate about opening the doors of the ateliers we work with to the world and share their stories in our journal and on Instagram regularly.

The beauty of Dilli Grey is in the story, the process and the people as much as the end product, something we are passionate about sharing, transparently through our journal.
As a contemporary lifestyle brand we strive to create to the highest quality whilst also celebrating the uniqueness of every beautiful, handmade piece we design. It's a step away from the uniformity of mass-production and a showcase of the beauty that can be captured when we embrace the personality and nuances that are woven into each design by its maker.
Our products are made from exquisite, carefully sourced, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and leather; skilfully designed and made in small runs. We pride ourselves on considering all the angles, from fit to fabric, to those special touches that elevate a piece to something worth treasuring.
We also strive to sew a little of that 'magic beauty' of India into each design. Whether it's the heritage prints we reimagine in our sleepwear, the iconic architecture we reference in our colour palettes or the indigeous wood in our hand-carved candle holders - India is at the heart of all that we design and make - it is a constant source of inspiration and beauty to us and we hope to you, too.

Traditional handicraft skills such as block printing and hand embroidery are at the heart of Dilli Grey - these ancient skills are simply too precious to relinquish. We are proud to work with, and to support, some of the best artisans in Rajasthan through Dilli Grey. We are humbled to be in a position where we can enable local communities to remain together, encourage mothers back into employment, support unskilled workers into apprenticeships and ensuring this ancient trades can continue to evolve for centuries to come.

You can read more about our artisans and their work on the Journal:
Hand embroidery
Handmade paper
Hand quilting