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ethical lifestyle store Dilli Grey

Welcome to the beautiful world of Dilli Grey – a lovingly created ethical lifestyle collection of Indian-inspired, artisanal clothing and homewares.

Dilli Grey was born one sunny spring morning in Vickie, our founder’s back garden as she sat under an Indian parasol, daydreaming of creating a beautiful boutique brand inspired by her travels.

Hand drawn illustration of an Indian Parasol in the style of a woodblock carving

“Dilli Haat” - a vibrant emporium in Delhi bursting with colour, sound and fragrance – is the inspiration behind the Dilli Grey name. Dilli Grey has inhaled this heavenly inspiration and brought the “East meets West” concept thoughtfully to life with alluring, feminine pieces, created in India, yet with an astute design focus on the Western aesthetic.

Beautiful well-made pieces have the power to lift the spirit and breathing joy into everyday life is at the heart of Dilli Grey.  In the immortal words of Hans Christian Anderson, “To move, to breathe, to fly, to float… to travel is to live” and whether you are roaming the globe, or merely voyaging in your imagination at home, we want to envelop you in a world that appeals to the senses and transports you to a destination where calm and beauty reigns supreme.

We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the fun, vibrant, yet perpetually chilled world of Dilli Grey. Happy exploring!

dilli grey illustration of a hand block carving in the shape of a hamsa


Vickie El-Rayyes Creative Director Dilli Grey

From garden-parasol dreams to reality, Vickie El-Rayyes launched Dilli Grey in 2015 after 20 + years in fashion, including senior buying roles at retailers Monsoon, Warehouse and East. Her early beginnings, growing up in enviable destinations such as Hong Kong and the Middle East, and then later studying European languages, imprinted Vickie with a wanderlust and international outlook that is the heartbeat of Dilli Grey.

A modern-day Silk Road explorer, Vickie is magnetically drawn to the Far East and indeed, one of her most vivid early memories was holidaying in Bali and Indonesia. However, her engrained need to explore places and cultures is not sated by hammocks and sandy shores alone. Consumed by a passion for art that incited her to inter-rail around Europe’s magnificent art galleries as a teenager, Vickie is eternally fascinated by creativity and is often to be found delving into the archives or poring over exhibits at her favourite museum – the V & A.

Scouting vintage markets in the Far East with her mother in the 80’s ignited Vickie’s love for colour, pattern and texture and her years as a fashion buyer, not only honed her vision, but fuelled a passion to set up her own business.

For Vickie, travel and, in particular, the beauty of India are an eternal source of inspiration and a driving force behind her creativity. From exploring the dusty byways of Rajasthani villages to soaking up the vibrant hues of her beloved Jaipur, the Pink City, Vickie has happily spent months, if not years, uncovering the many layers of India, to create and bring beautiful, unique pieces back home - all with that covetable Dilli Grey flourish!

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