3 audio recommendations to help you find your calm

Whether it's the soundtrack to your daily exercise, or something to add to your mindfulness toolkit, I thought I'd share 3 podcasts, audio files and downloadables that I turn to when I need help finding my calm and to ground me in the present moment...

The Mindful Movement
For the last 2 years I have tried (it's a habit in progress!) to add meditation to my daily routine; like brushing my teeth, or staying hydrated I feel strongly that it's something that really helps me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When I am meditating daily I see a tangible difference in my state of calm, resilience and overall peace. I love the library of breathwork practices and guided meditations on The Mindful Movement's YouTube channel - they're free and a great resource to dip in and out of.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Podcast

I love Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast - as the name suggests it's a shot of joy to plug into when I'm on my daily walk. She interviews some great names on their life, love and loss to discuss their definition of 'happiness'.

Jasmine Hemsley's Soundbaths

I'm trying to find the positives in the slower pace of life that lockdown brings and with our store closed I am working from home more, which gives me the chance to participate in Jasmine Hemsley's lunchtime soundbaths. Every weekday at 12.15pm, they are pure escapism. You can download them from Jasmine's website too, or tune in live for some collective good vibrations.

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