The Art of Chikankari Embroidery

Our chikankari embroidered 'cloud' dress has been one of our bestsellers since 2019. Discover how each piece is hand-crafted into a unique, one-off design by our women's co-operative in Northern India, read reviews from our customers and get inspired to style yours...

What our customers say:

"It feels so good knowing I am helping to support an artisan industry." - Pauline F

"This dress is beautiful. The softest cotton with embroidery detail." - Louise M

"This is the most beautiful dress I've ever worn." - Lindsey V

Bestsellers since 2019

Available in a range of styles, lengths and fits to suit all frames.



The hand-embroidery can sometimes catch in the washing machine if not cared for. We suggest a gentle hand wash cycle on 30 degrees and pop your dress in a protective washing bag like this one to keep it safe.

No, even with our white chikankari dress they are double-layered so non-see-through. Although you may choose to wear nude underwear.

The skirt on all our chikankari dress is luxuriously full, we suggest checking each garment's exact measurements in the size guide to check the length and particularly the bust to ensure the correct fit.