At Dilli Grey, the people are at the heart of everything we do. From the amazing artisans in India to the ever supportive customer community around the globe, and the teams in Barnes and Sherborne here in the UK. As an ethical business, we aim at positively impacting every individual within our value chain and we are constantly accessing our practices to improve the impact we have on every individual involved. In this section you can read more about our current social practices, that we are constantly striving to evolve and improve.

Fair pay

There are no middlepeople at Dilli Grey. The in-house Dilli Grey team are directly in contact with all the suppliers in India who bring our designs to life, on a weekly basis and have built deep relationships over years of collaboration. The relationships are built on kind, honest and fair communication. These values are also portrayed in the pay offered for the products provided. They are paid fairly and they pay their employees in the same manner. All our artisans skills are nurtured to allow them to grow as craftsmen and women in their own right, learning a tangible and valuable skill that they will have for life.

We visit our suppliers factories in India seasonally, as well as the women-led co-operatives whose skills embellish many of our hand-embroidered and hand-quilted designs. Listening to these women's stories and learning how best we can support them and their families allows our work with them to feel more collaborative and authentic. Working flexibly from home brings them the satisfaction of financial independence, but crucially allows them to stay in their villages and with their children, rather than having to travelling into the major cities in search of work.

Working conditions 

The working conditions of the people at Dilli Grey, whether it is at the head office in London or the factories in India, the working conditions are important. All suppliers collaborating with Dilli Grey are required to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct, which, amongst others, outline working conditions requirements.


The Dilli Grey community is hugely diverse. The customer base ranges from women and men in their 20s to their 80s. The Dilli Grey team, themselves, span three decades of womanhood and range from size 8 to 16.

The team always aims at serving everyone in the best way possible. This includes being size inclusive and illustrating a realistic picture of the communities in which the company operates. For the Spring/Summer 2023 collections, size 6 and size 20 were added for a few new styles, at the request of customers. Throughout the year, an initiative to improve visual representation on the website will be improved by further looking into the models used. Again, with the aim of presenting a realistic and diverse range of ages and sizes that reflects the customer base.