5 tips for planning your holiday wardrobe

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It may have been a while since you've been on a beach holiday and if you're feeling a bit rusty on how to dress for warmer climes, or looking for inspiration for the summer ahead, here are 5 tips on how to plan your holiday wardrobe for easy, stylish dressing:

Pack in one colour palette

When planning your holiday wardrobe if you centre it around one or two key shades that complement each other - with lots of white and neutrals - it will ensure that you can mix-and-match pieces in an infinite number of outfits. Lay everything out on your bed before packing and visualise the looks you can create to ensure everything looks great together.

Caption: The beautiful Gayle Rinkoff, taking matching colour palettes to another level in our yellow Ali dress!

Opt for natural fabrics

We only use natural fabrics in our resortwear - organic cotton and linen - as we want our pieces to be easy, breathable and effortless to wear on holiday. Viscose, hemp and bamboo are other great fabrics to look for. 

Roll, don't fold!

Space and crease-saving, rolling your clothes is a game-changer when it comes to packing. Another great tip from our customers is to use the cotton shoppers that come with our dresses to protect shoes and jewellery in your luggage.

Pack one item outfits - aka dresses!

We may be a tad biased, but opting for a holiday wardrobe of dresses immediately cuts down on the number of pieces you need to pack, as they're an outfit in one! Dresses can also be great options for styling up and down - with trainers and a denim jacket for the flight, with flat sandals and a basket to the market, or barefoot on the beach thrown over your swimsuit. Easy, pretty, versatile... can you tell we're dress fans?!

Caption: Gayle showing how one-item outfits are done in our brand-new Marnie linen sun dress. No shoes required!

Invest in timeless accessories

When it comes to accessories, chances are the pieces in your 'holiday wardrobe' will be worn for a few precious weeks every year - so opt for timeless capsule pieces that you can mix with all your outfits and will love wearing year after year. A luxe basket bag, tan belt, panama hat, evening clutch... each time you pull them out your wardrobe to pack for holiday you will be bringing all your happy holiday memories with you. Finally, don't forget to have fun on holiday - it's a chance to wear brights, statement earrings, stacked bracelets... anything goes!

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