Hurray! Dilli Grey is on-line!

After months of late night head scratching, web lingo decoding, hours of photography in our makeshift studio and a fair few cups of tea/ coffee/ gin & tonics we've made it! We are fully transactional and ready to deliver Dilli Grey straight to your door ….

We hope you love our product and share with your friends… You, our customers and fans are very important to us so we welcome your feedback on the web functionality and any product favourites. 

If you want a real close up of our beautiful product why not host a Dilli Grey Home Party follow the link on our home page and we will call you to discuss the various options.

And finally a huge thank you to all of our family and friends for supporting us on our journey to help us realise our dreams…. you know who you are (Naj, Caroline and Sam get a special mention)

We love a quote here at Dilli Grey HQ so here's one fitting for today


Vickie and Jill


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