7 tips for sleeping in a heatwave

 As summer approaches, so do the muggy nights and rising temperatures. Here are 7 practical tips to try if you're struggling to sleep in a heatwave, plus details of our new organic cotton bedding range, perfect for cool, summer slumber...


Keep curtains closed

It's tempting to air a stuffy room but if your windows are in direct sunlight it's best to keep windows and curtains closed during the day and open at night when it's cooler.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can impact the quality of your sleep; make up for any water lost through perspiration by increasing your daily water intake. Also try to avoid soft drinks and alcohol, especially in the evening, as these can increase your dehydration.


Opt for thin layers of natural fabrics

Cotton is a natural fibre that allows for air to circulate and your body temperature to escape. Switch out a thick duvet that insulates heat to a lightweight cotton quilt for cool, comfortable summer nights.

Keep your feet cool (and outside the covers!)

By keeping your feet cool it lowers the overall temperature of your body.

DON'T have a cold shower

You may be tempted to cool off before bed with a cold shower, but it actually has the opposite effect by raising the body's core temperature. Run your wrists under a cold tap instead, or keep a wet flannel in the fridge to cool yourself off.

Let the heat escape

If you live in a house, open any attic windows or even your loft hatch to allow the heat in your home to escape as it rises.

Cool down

Keep a water spray bottle in the fridge to spritz your face with for an instant cooldown effect. Add herbs or cucumber slices for an aromatherapeutic effect.

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