7 tips for spring tablescaping

This Easter we thought we'd share some inspiration to help you elevate your entertaining, with simple tablescaping styling tricks to impress guests, but also to make everyday mealtime feel that little bit special...

Thoughtful tokens
If you are entertaining, a small gift at each place setting is a lovely way to greet friends and family at the table. Bonus points for personalising your tokens - it could be an iced biscuit, a homemade candle or pressed flower card.

Look to nature
Tablescaping doesn't have to come with a huge floristry bill - look to your own garden or local hedgerow for seasonal and wild flowers to brighten your table. Dot around the settings in any small bottles, bud vases or jam jars for a relaxed, boho feel.

Build around a centrepiece
To create drama and a focal point for your tablescape to hang off, think about creating a central focus to your design. It could be a flower arrangement, a sharing platter, a zinc trough filled with seasonal bulbs, a candelabra... add height for even more impact.

Create an atmosphere
Candle light, seating, music... your tablescape is about more than the objects on your table - think about your guests' all-round experience and set the scene - do you want it to be relaxed and intimate, or have a fun, party feel? Add elements to your tablescape that will encourage guests to interact with each other - it might be nostalgic photos if it's a family gathering, or big sharing platters to bring guests together.

Tie in your theme to your food
Try and create a theme to your entertaining that runs through the whole event - from the drinks you serve to your style of tablescaping and the food you serve. Dishing up an Italian feast? Serve Prosecco to welcome guests, add olive oil and Italian breads to the table and use young, bendable olive branches to create natural napkin rings to dress the table in a simple, rustic style.

Layer up
When laying each place setting think about layering textures - you might start with a woven placemat, then add your flatware before adding a print napkin, finished with a simple flower or name tag. Try and stick to a one colour scheme in multiple tones, or two contrasting hues for a fun, impactful look.

Everyday styling
Finally, tablescaping doesn't have to be a grand affair! Adding cloth napkins to your everyday meals, or even just a jug of flowers from the garden, or burning a candle with dinner can help you make each meal an occasion.

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