7 ways to boost your mood at home

The last few years have blurred the lines between work and home life - whilst the commute has been enviable, not having clear boundaries around the different areas of our lives has made it hard to compartmentalise and switch off. This week on the journal I wanted to share some tips on how you can shift your mood at home. If you're in a funk, feeling stressed or just want to shake up the energy in your space, these quick tips will help:

Colour therapy

Probably the biggest one for me is colour. You may have guessed but I am a huge fan of using colour to boost mood - slipping on a bold pigmented dress immediately makes me stand taller and puts a spring in my step for the day ahead and on the flipside, when it comes to my home I like to seek out calming, restful hues that will set the tone for the mood I want to feel. Psychologically as humans we are so affected by colour and the great thing is that there is a tone for whatever mood you need! Our gentle blues and greys in our organic cotton quilts this season are so restful - while our fun, bold tablecloths give a great energy for entertaining friends.


Probably an obvious one - but it's free! Popping on your favourite tracks when you're in a slump and singing at the top of your voice, or having a kitchen disco is guaranteed to shake any funk. Literally. Conversely I'm a huge fan of yogic music and listen to it as I meditate in the evenings to signal to my brain it's time to switch off.

Memory recall

I love peppering my home and office with 'happy mementos' - photos, trinkets, ticket stubs... anything that has a postive, happy memory attached to it. Each time they catch my eye they trigger a memory recall of that special moment as a little boost through the day.

Creating relaxing spaces

If you have been working from home over the last year, chances are you have created a home office, but what about a 'home relaxation area'? If you can create a little corner of your home dedicated to nurture it will help give you that sanctuary within your own four walls. It could be your bed, an armchair in a window, in the summer a bench in the garden... surround yourself with your favourite things - be it books, magazines, cosy throws, hand cream, crystals... whatever helps you feel restored.


An instant mood changer is aromatherapy - using scents to 'zone' your space or change up a stagnant energy in a room. I spritz our Indian Jasmine room mist when I want to feel uplifted, yet calm - a great one for a home office to help you feel zen on a stressful day. Our Pushkar Rose candles really help to signal 'it's time to switch off' and relax. A great 'evening scent' with warm, sensuous Oud notes. We have a new zingy, energising Keralan Lime candle coming this spring too - watch this space!

Connect with nature
Biophilia - the practice of bringing 'the outside in' - has grown hugely in popularity over lockdown as people have craved that connection with nature. Bringing home a pebble or pine cone from your daily walk as one of those happy mementos above, or picking some seasonal flowers from your garden to put by your bed will all help you feel connected and lower your stress levels. 

Feed your soul
I love cooking for friends and family - eating 'good mood foods' and sharing them can help you feel connected. The actual act of cooking can be meditative and definitely helps me switch off from the day.

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