Adventures in Jaipur

 Once a year I am lucky enough to indulge my passion and visit my favourite travel destination India. Where do I start? The energy, the colours, the passion and the delicious food. Somehow I always feel like I am home and always return from my trip feeling completely recharged and inspired.


After almost 12 hours in a car, yes that's 12 (longer than it took from London to Delhi) we just managed  to side stepped a pretty violent protest by the local farmers on the high way. We had no choice but to sit , sip chai and watch the sun go down. 


This acclaimed city lies in the heart of Rajasthan. I fell deeply in love with this city over 15 years ago when I visted for the very first time with my husband. Camels and sacred cows lazily wander the streets. Tuk- tuks and motorbikes frenetically honk horns. Delicious aromas of spicy local fare blend into the whole sensory experience. There is never a dull moment in Jaipur and for the curious and adventure seeking shopper it's addictive!

Encased in its pink sandstone walls (hence the nickname) This city was created for shopping. Bustling shade covered avenues lead to smaller bazaars, side streets explode with colour and a multitude of treasures.  


I am always armed with a list and my trusty map which is somewhat battered after all of these years with my ticks, crosses and stars of some of my best finds, but some of the most exciting things I have found have been wandering down a little side street. I cannot wait to show you all of the amazing artisan pieces I have found for you this summer I will try and post an update tomorrow… Watch this space and sign up for the blog if you would like to follow Dilli Grey.

Namaste until next time 


Dilli Grey 




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  • Jo Gourlay

    Loved reading this. Yes, I’d like to read more. Love the kimono too. Am in Palm Springs at the moment but will be in touch to get one when I’m back. Best wishes, Jo G

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