City print series: Kota floral

The inspiration behind the second in our 'City Prints' series is the city of Kota on the banks of the Chambal, Rajasthan’s only permanent river. This wide, watery artery running through the city is great for boat trips (and crocodile spotting!) and compared to other Indian rivers, is relatively pollution-free - making it a sanctuary for floral and fauna, alike.

Chambal river

This tranquil, powdery blue is a reoccuring visual reference when it comes to 'Kota' - including the traditional wall painting in the City Palace in Jaipur - once the centre of power in Rajhasthan, housing the Kota princedom’s treasury, courts, arsenal, armed forces and state offices. I've always been drawn to the intricate, elegant design here - it somehow feels modern and tranquil in the heart on an ancient, frenetic city that I love.

 The watery oasis of Kishore Sagar also came to mind when I conjured up the Kota Floral print - this picturesque artificial lake was constructed in 1346 and in its centre, on a small island amid the palm trees is the diminutive, tangerine palace of Jagmandir - built nearly 300 years ago, by one of the maharanis of Kota. It's closed to the public but I've often day-dreamed about escaping from the frantic streets, across the water to this island paradise...

Kishore Sagar palace lake

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