Guest feature: Tips on maintaining a positive mindset with Lisa Taylor

Let me introduce you to Lisa Taylor who like me is a self confessed India- Junkie running her own brand Lisa Taylor and Boutique Travel company. I have known Lisa for almost 30 years, Lisa gave me my lucky break in my career and has been practicing transcendental meditation way before it became mainstream, she embodies positivity so I asked her to share some of the techniques she has learnt through her teachings and practice because life is complicated and having a tool box of tips is what we all need to get through the week. 

The Profound Impact of Energy Management

Nearly two decades ago, when I first began working with the College of Psychic Studies, the concept of 'energy management' was a novel and captivating notion for me. We delved into discussions about how we are all composed of energy, vibrating in harmony with the world around us – nature, people, places, and everything else. It was a genuine paradigm shift that set me on a path to explore this enchanting new realm, ultimately reshaping my thought processes and way of operating forever.

I acquired powerful yet straightforward techniques that have remained with me ever since. Each day, I put these fundamentals into practice, ensuring that even during the most stressful times, I have a sacred ritual that allows me to reset my mental clock and navigate through issues and everyday challenges more effectively.

The Power of Positive Thought

We are, in essence, what we think – energy follows thought. Therefore, the most invaluable gift we can bestow upon ourselves is learning to manage our thoughts and mindset, perpetuating mental positivity. Our thoughts and emotions dictate how we navigate our daily lives, and by maintaining a level of positive outward thoughts, we attract a mirrored reflection of positivity into our lives. Initially, it seemed almost too simple, but the profound impact of this practice soon became evident.

Three Pillars of Daily Energy Management

If I were to share the three most crucial aspects of daily energy management, they would be:

 1. Grounding

Feeling wholly present in your body and anchored to the earth is essential, especially for those of us who tend to be overly "head-associated," like myself and many other creatives. Activities that help us ground ourselves include walking in nature, swimming, gardening, exercising, practicing yoga, or any form of physical fitness. My top recommendation is to remove your shoes and walk barefoot on natural grass, earth, or a beach when feeling frazzled and "jangly." Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow that breath to travel down to your feet and beyond, into the earth. I promise that after this simple exercise, your heartbeat will regulate, and you will feel a million times better.

 2. Cleansing

This brief exercise takes no more than five minutes. Close your eyes and envision a massive tap above your head, pouring forth a sparkling stream of white, clear light. Imagine this light rinsing down through your head, shoulders, body, and legs, flowing into the ground. Repeat this process several times until it feels right. This is a quick energy cleanse, releasing anything from your auric field that does not belong to you. You would be amazed at the "stuff" we pick up from others that is simply not ours. Once you begin practicing this regularly, you will notice a difference when you do not.

 3. Protection

I mentally close down my energy centers, known as the chakras, located at the following points:

- Crown
- Forehead
- Throat
- Heart
- Solar Plexus
- Navel
- Base of the Spine

I visualize them as open flowers that I then mentally close. Next, I imagine myself encased in a white egg of light – my personal bubble, there solely for me. Even if you skip the chakra visualization, enveloping yourself in this egg of light provides your personal aura and energy field with a protective circle of light. When faced with a stressful phone call or appointment, this practice allows you to maintain a sense of calm and lightness, remembering that no feeling lasts forever.

We invest time and money in physical exercise to strengthen and tone our bodies, so why wouldn't we do the same for our energetic and mental well-being? In my view, if we can keep our mindset clear, positive, and calm, everything else feels much more achievable. Of course, problems will still arise – that is life – but we will be better equipped to handle whatever challenges come our way.

Lisa Taylor for Dilli Grey 

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