How to have a slow, mindful Christmas

It's 'silly season' in retail right now, and as a slow, mindful brand it can be hard to consolidate the two. Of course as a small, independent business we want and need consumers to support and shop with us, but our ethos has always been to buy mindfully and invest in the things that you will love forever. Christmas can very easily be consumed by consumerism, so I thought I'd share a few practices I will be putting into place over the festive period to stay balanced and take stock, ready for the new decade...

Getting out in nature
This season I have made a conscious decision to increase my time in nature. We are so lucky in South West London to be near the wild open spaces of Richmond Park and have the River Thames running through our borough. There's something about walking alongside a body of water that feels instantly restful. If you're too impatient for seated meditation, I've discovered this Walking meditation app - there are 3 guided meditations that you can plug into as you walk, helping you reconnect to the present, your surroundings and your body. I'll be giving them a go over the holidays. 

I have a stack of our 'tree-free' journals around the house - by my bed, my office, in my handbag. They're great for gratitude journals, to-do lists, sketching or manifesting. This holiday marks the end of a decade and the beginning of a whole new one. Not only am I going to take some time to reflect and celebrate 2019, but also look forward and create a vision for Dilli Grey in the 'New Twenties'. There is something about writing down your intentions and dreams that makes them feel more real and tangible, give it a go this Christmas and see how it feels.

Deleting social media
This is a big one as a business owner but taking a week-long digital detox is hands-down the best thing I can do this Christmas for my own wellbeing. Reconnecting with people offline, having the brainspace for creative thinking and actually just switching off completely is going to be just the re-boot I need.

January yoga challenge
Finally, I am a HUGE Kundalini and Yin Yoga fan, something that I try and build into my weekly routine to keep me grounded and centred. This January the team and I are going to collectively try something new, the Yoga with Adriene 30-Day January Challenge. Shaking up my yoga routine and opening myself up to new forms of yoga is going to be a great start to a healthy and mindful 2020.

I hope sharing my plans for a mindful Christmas have perhaps inspired your own wellbeing practices, however you are spending the end of 2019, I hope you have a restful and fun break.

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