Rajasthan Diaries: India Song by Karen Knorr

In a new blog series, Rajasthan Diaries, I want to share the art and culture of the home of Dilli Grey's artisans. So much of our design and inspiration comes from the rich history and aesthetic of India, it is woven into all we do - from our colour palettes, inspired by the pigments daubed on the crumbling walls of the temples we visit, to the artists, writers and photographers who capture the essence of India that we hope you can feel reflected in our designs.

First in the series is artist Karen Knorr - her 'India Song' photographic collection has featured constantly on my moodboards, feed and one day, I hope, on my office wall.

Over 6 years Karen visited India 15 times, travelling 2000 through Rajasthan and shooting the palaces, temples and heritage sites that fill its landscape. She 'didn't want to capture the cliquéd poverty shots' but instead focussed on the opulence and rich folkloric history of the desert state.


Layering these shots with her captures of some of the country's rare and endangered wild animals that she shot in sanctuaries and reserves juxtaposes their vibrant, alive energy with the rooted and magical.

To me they feel like a suspended dream; somewhere between the ancient and modern which I feel encapsulates India right now - there is so much that is changing and developing at an incredible rate in India, from its infrastructure to technology and culture, yet it is the ancient heritage, rich art and design history that I am drawn back to again and again and want to preserve and champion in everything we do at Dilli Grey.

You can view the full collection of images here, or buy the accompanying coffee table book here

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