Almost fifteen years ago to the day, I paid my first visit to India.

I fell in love immediately.

One of my best girlfriends was living in Mumbai, it was a special birthday (no I’m not telling you which one – a lady never reveals her age) So, my husband and I decided to take the plunge to visit my friend and visit a few cities in India along the way. It was a very memorable trip - sunstroke in Jaipur (britsabroad), my very first embroidered Kaftan purchase in Janpath in Delhi, India gate in Mumbai and discovering Ayurveda in Kerala, to name but a few. I was hooked by this totally fascinating and memorable continent.

 I have been lucky enough to work as a buyer in the fashion industry, which I think I chose by design, enabling years of wonderful adventure backwards and forwards to India and the East, discovering new cities and working with incredible artisans and manufacturers.



So fast forward and here I am 15 years later, sitting in my hotel room feet gently aching after pounding the streets of Delhi searching for treasures and taking in the sights. It never fails to astound me how energizing and soul filling this country really is. I know India is a kind of marmite to many, but what you cannot ignore is the warmth and honesty of its people. Indian people are so pure, so cheerful and so straight from the heart.



On my recent trip to Delhi, I slipped away from the leafy Lodhi Gardens, to Old Delhi to revisit the stunning Red Fort to take in some of its faded grandeur and I had to share some stunning images . I am often asked what inspires me specifically about Indian art and design and my visit to the red fort perfectly captures this. Don’t worry I’m not going to give you a low down on the history of the Red Fort you can google that, but I hope you will enjoy the photos I have taken. The bleaching affect of the sunlight somehow adds a faded vintage beauty to the bold architecture offering soft backdrops to the vibrant saris and turbans which adorn the swathes of local visitors to this gorgeous place. Picnics and selfie-sticks in hand whole families gather at the weekends to clebarte and share the beauty and atmosphere, heartwarming to see it so revered by locals and tourists alike.

Its sparked some gorgeous colour palettes which I am desperate to get going on, watch this space and thanks for tuning in to my ramblings.


Peace out


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  • lydia

    I love this, hope you had a wonderful time. Love from Blewbury xo

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