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To celebrate World Water Day here are some figures from our sustainability pledge for 2020 to hopefully demonstrate the BIG impact we as a small business are making:

There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste estimated to be in our world's oceans - in 2020 we removed 4,781 pieces of plastic packaging from our supply chain and 5,210 pieces of plastic packaging to our customers. Our womenswear, quilts and sleepwear all come in their own 100% organic cotton bags and we use a mixture of recycled paper and cardboard packaging, as well as our 'tree-free' gift wrap - made for us using cotton remnants.

organic cotton sleepwear

In 2020 we made the big investment as a small brand to switch all of our womenswear and sleepwear production to organic cotton. The Soil Association's research shows that to make the average womenswear garment, 2,457 litres of water is saved in growing and manufacturing organic cotton vs. a GM crop, meaning we have saved approximately 11.6million litres of water in 2020 alone (based on our average meterage per garment).

That said, we are aware that even organic cotton is a water-heavy crop and we are currently in development with our suppliers to use even more sustainable, innovative fabrics in the future.

We hope this demonstates a little about the intentions we have as a business to live up to our sustainable promises. We appreciate as customers it is hard to trust brand's ethical posturing and see through the 'green washing' so wherever we can we will share quantitive examples of the changes we are making as a business.

As part of this we are working really hard to ensure every purchase you make with us is a conscious, mindful fashion purchase.

In 2020 a quarter of all online fashion purchases in the UK were returned. As a zero-waste brand we will never send anything to landfill (as many larger brands have been reported to do with their returns), but we are conscious of the additional CO2 emissions in unnecessary deliveries, as well as the cost implications to us as a small business to re-process them.

We would love you to help us by ASKING QUESTIONS! We know our products inside out so if you have any queries before ordering, please get in touch:

Milly, our customer service manager is on the end of the Live Chat button, email or you can even give her a call 07737164083 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

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