The nostalgic joy of eiderdowns

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Our block print quilts were the first ever Dilli Grey product.

Many of you know the story of how I used to fill my suitcases with beautiful Rajasthani quilts on my buying trips to India when I worked for big High Street brands; bringing them home at the request of friends and family and one day joked about 'setting up shop'. But my love of pretty quilts goes back even further than that...

My mum has always been an amazing seamstress and for my 21st birthday she made me my own, Laura Ashley inspired eiderdown for my bed. Complete with ruffle edges and a beautiful patchwork of floral prints.

When I began designing our exclusive prints and quilts for Dilli Grey I wanted to capture that nostalgic, cosy feeling that a beautiful throw can add to soften your home.

How our block-print quilts are hand-crafted

When creating our own 21st century take on the nostalgic eiderdown, I wanted to keep the hand-crafted magic of these heirloom textiles, but update them to be more sustainable. Many quilts from the 70s and 80s were made with a cotton or silk outer yet with polyester, or synthetic filler. Our slowly crafted block print designs are made, inside and out, from 100% organic cotton. The outer block print design is printed using gentle eco dyes, by hand before being meticulously washed and dried. It is then sent to be filled with 100% cotton filler, before its final handicraft - the quilting. Done using a traditional quilting stitch by a women's co-operative in Jaipur. Each quilt is stitched by one woman, take 2-3 days to complete.

Practical for the modern home - how to care for your 100% organic cotton quilt

Choosing natural, hard-wearing fabrics mean our quilts can be machine-washed on a cool, gentle cycle at home, with no need for dry cleaning like their vintage counterparts. Depending on the size of your drum, they can be washed easily and line-dried. We always recommending washing as in-frequently as possible, often a spot clear on airing on the line are enough to refresh them.

Matching accessories - complete the look

When designing our block print quilts, I wanted to ensure all the fabric that was printed was used up, and that customers could buy into a whole print design to decorate their space. In each of our key prints each season we have a range of matching accessories - cushions, bags, pjs, robes, washbags - to enable customers to create a whole world of block-print magic in their home.

Get inspired - 7 uses for your Dilli Grey block print quilt in your home

 We have a range of sizes of quilt from our toddler sizes up to our king size. They are beautiful, versatile, cloud-soft designs that can be used for:


Picnic rugs

Sofa throws

Bed toppers in winter for an extra layer of warmth

In place of a duvet in summer for a lightweight layer

Tented dens

Glamping bedding

The opportunities are endless!

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