This is not just a pyjama this is a story….


In the quagmire of mass produced clothing that is an everyday occurrence on todays high street, it is exciting to see a revival in brands who really care about where their clothes are made. It’s even more exciting to see the increase of discerning customers who value this personal approach to shopping.

In the year since I started Dilli Grey I have met so many wonderful fellow entrepreneurs and girl-bosses who are changing the face of the high street as we know it, we really are experiencing a retail revolution.

Here at Dilli Grey HQ I aim to do that very same thing, give you product with heart and soul. Each and every piece of the collection has been meticulously designed whether it is the fabric, the print, colour or embroidery I have poured over ever detail to make sure you buy something beautiful and unique.



Thanks to all of your lovely feedback and copious requests, we are expanding our sleepwear range. All of the fabrics are lovingly hand blocked printed cotton, super soft and perfect for women and kids. I think you will love our mum and mini matching prints, which are being photographed as we speak…. I can’t wait to share our new designs with you we have nightshirts, nighties, kimonos, cami and shorts sets which you will even be able to match with our beautiful quilts - I can already see all of those instagram pictures of effortlessly matching bodies and beds!


I had to share this little story with you (there was a point to the story rather than just my ramblings…) the lithograph pictured below shows a little girl from India wearing Pajamas (original spelling) in approximately 1844. This is the part I love, as this humble little word was incorporated into the English language via the British Empire at around the same time. So our humble little Pyjama, Pajama, PJ, jim-jams, jammies , lounging pants have quite a little history with a surprising Indian twist, how very Dilli Grey!






Happy lounging!



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