Tips on cushion styling and layering in your home

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How to add our block-print cushions to your home

Cushions are like the icing on the cake or the bow on the gift when it comes to home decor.

They not only add comfort to sink into but also inject some colour into your 'staple' pieces of furniture, like your sofa or bed, and can be a great way to tie together a room's colour scheme.

Today we'll share our tips on layering cushions of various shapes and sizes, as well as the charm of mixing and matching the block print fabrics in our cushion collection.

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Adding cushions to your sofa

Let's start with the centerpiece of your living room – the sofa. Adding cushions to your sofa can instantly refresh your room, without major investment. Begin by choosing a colour that complements your existing theme. For example, if your sofa is neutral-toned the world is your oyster and you can opt for cushions in vibrant hues to create a striking contrast, or if you have a coloured sofa, look to add in tonal shades that will work in harmony.

Layering technique

Layering cushions of different shapes and sizes can create depth and visual interest. Start with larger square or rectangular cushions at the back as a foundation. These cushions provide support and act as a backdrop for the smaller ones. Next, add medium-sized cushions with textures or patterns that complement your sofa colour. Finally, sprinkle in a few smaller accent cushions with bold prints or embroidery for a pop of personality. The trick is to include a range of textures and tones - but for them all to feel like they are connected with one common theme.

Mixing block-print fabrics

Block print fabrics add a touch of artisanal charm and lend a bohemian vibe to your space. Mix and match cushions featuring block prints with varying designs and color palettes. You can combine floral prints with geometric patterns or mix traditional motifs with modern abstract designs. This eclectic blend of fabrics adds character and warmth to your living room, without feeling too contrived.

Bedroom sanctuary

When styling your bed with cushions, consider the size and shape of your headboard. For a king-sized bed, a row of large square cushions or a mix of square and rectangular ones works well. Arrange them symmetrically or in a slightly staggered formation for a casual yet polished look.

Harmonizing colours

While mixing and matching block-print cushions on your bed, ensure they harmonise with your bedding and overall color scheme. Choose complementary or contrasting colours that tie the room together cohesively. Incorporating a few solid-coloured cushions alongside printed ones helps balance the visual impact and prevents the arrangement from feeling overwhelming. We have a number of reversible cushions, in two contrasting prints which also give you the flexibility to change up the look easily.

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Final touches

Don't forget the finishing touches. Adding a throw quilt in a coordinating colour or print can complement your cushion arrangement and enhance the cozy ambiance of your bedroom or sofa. We also have matching pillowcases and sleepwear in our block-print fabrics if you want to create a 'full look'!

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