We are going organic

From SS20 onwards, launching in May, all our sleepwear and womenswear dresses will be made using GOTS organic cotton.

I am hyper aware as an ethical brand that there has been a lot of marketing noise over the last year and tokenism when it comes to sustainability and ethical practices, that is why I wanted to share with you just a few of the changes we are making this summer - we are not perfect either but with every collection and each decision we make we are asking 'how can we tread more lightly? How can we be more mindful in how each and every Dilli Grey product is made?

The first and probably most major change this season is that we will be using organic cotton for all our sleepwear and womenswear dresses. Compared to standard cotton it produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions, whilst giving farmers a much more stable income without the exposure to industrial levels of insecticides and pesticides. This change has been over a year in the works, we have spoken to our artisans in India to really understand the benefits and impact it will have on them - as the founder of Dilli Grey it's a step I am really proud to make.

So for summer, our Mithai Collection of dresses and shirts (available to pre-order here), are all on organic cotton, making them not only kinder to the planet, but kinder to your skin too. We only ever use natural, eco dyes in our hand-block printing - to protect sensitive skin but also to ensure our artisans are not exposed to toxic dyes when making our clothes.

Our new high-summer sleepwear (to be launched in May) will also be our same super soft, light-weight cotton voile that our customers have come to know and love, albeit organic cotton from now on.

Besides making the organic cotton switch, we are also sampling a range of high-tech eco fabrics for next year already - made from a range of by-products and naturally-sourced raw materials to further expand our use of forward-thinking, planet-kind fabrics.

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