Winter book recommendations to escape into...

If there was ever an excuse to hunker down with a good book - a winter lockdown is IT. This week we quizzed the team on their favourite reads this month to keep them distracted and absorbed in lockdown 2.0... we've got a real assortment to share, from health to meditation, baking to historical fiction - dive in and escape, even just for a chapter...


"This book explains the working of our most underrated organ the gut. It shows the foods we eat affect our moods, our skin and our overall health - this book is packed with so much useful info in an easy to understand way."

"A story of endurance and vision of a great man trying to bring equality and freedom into a deeply divided nation. A True Statesman."


“ I have been listening to this on Audible and have found it such a huge help to stay positive and focused on my own feelings and impact during these difficult times. Jay is truly inspirational and I would recommend this to anyone looking for some positive inspiration”

"This is one of the most beautifully written books I have read in a long time! The perfect book to escape into a deliciously gothic world filled with darkness and light, someone needs to turn this into a TV series it would be incredible. Definitely one for literature buffs!"

Domains of Wonder - Selected masterworks of Indian Painting
"Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting” is a beautiful visual survey of 123 master paintings and two bound illustrated manuscripts conveying the beliefs and values of the diverse regions of India. Enter and view in awe and wonder..."

Jung's Map of the Soul - Murray B Stein
"A profound and intense overview of Jung’s ideas on the deep mind".


Do Sourdough - Andrew Whitley
"I'm a lockdown cliche, six months late. Since September I have become OBSESSED with sourdough baking - I've nailed crumpets, focaccia and loaves - next up is pretzels! This is a great explainer book if you haven't caught the bug yet. For Christmas I'm putting together 'beginner sourdough boxes' for friends, with some of my sourdough starter, this book and a few bits of kit to get them started."

Heart Talk - Cleo Wade
"I keep this on my desk for when the 'overwhelm' kicks in. It's another book that I gift to girlfriends frequently as it's perfect to dip in and out of and Cleo's grounding, reassuring words are just the balm my 2020 heart needs".


"Journalist turned author Pandora Sykes' essay collection on modern life is witty and humorous. She explores the common anxieties and social insecurities that consume our day to day lives. I found it incredibly thought provoking, reassuring and entertaining all at the same time."

"The best fictional book I have read in a long time, it is the story of an enduring relationship between two friends over the course of twenty years. I read this during the first lockdown and couldn't put it down, I was completely hooked. If you want to get lost in someone else's life for a little while this is the book for you!"

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