Size Inclusivity Policy

We have been working on our sustainability policies and you can read up on the steps we are proud to be making to improve how we make, pack and ship our Dilli Grey products.

For 2023 we are looking at how we can become more size inclusive as a brand.

As a team we span three decades of womanhood and sizes 6-18, our customers also range from their 20s to 80s. We have a hugely diverse group of loyal and passionate customers who want to support and invest in us as a small, ethical fashion brand and we want to always ensure that we are serving them in the best way we can.

Twice a year we carry out a 'Fit Survey' inviting our customers and followers to tell us a bit more about the clothes they love to wear and their body shapes, giving us the confidence to invest in extending our size range to include a 6-8 and an 18.

We are also actively looking at the models we use in our campaigns to ensure we are using a realistic and diverse range of ages and sizes that reflect our customers and in the last year have used models ranging from an 8 to a 16/18 and ages 22 to 42.

We completely agree that this is still 'not enough', but the work that goes into grading the designs so they actually fit and flatter both ends of the spectrum is time-consuming and we have invested in a highly experienced technician in London to help us get this right - plus the investment we need to make into buying a wider inventory of sizes is a big leap for a small brand but slowly, slowly we are proud to be moving in the right direction.

As we've always said, if there is the demand for it - we will make it! So please keep talking to us. If you'd like to have your say - jump on the Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or email - we are collating requests all the time and will update you here when new sizes become available.