Ethical Manifesto - transparent and fair fashion

There are no middle men at Dilli Grey – we know all our suppliers personally and have built deep relationships over years of collaboration. It’s just about being kind, open, honest and FAIR on a really human-to-human level. Not only in how we make our products, but how we pay for them too.

Fair and transparent manufacture

Regular trips to India mean we are constantly working alongside the artisans whose hands are making our designs come to life, everyday. It is a partnership between our designs and their skills that we hugely respect and honour. This close relationship also ensures our standards and commitment to a fair deal for those involved in our supply chains are being met at all times. All our artisans work in safe, clean environments where they are paid fairly and their skills are nurtured to allow them to grow as craftsmen and women.

We visit not only the workshops, but the women-led co-operatives whose skills embellish many of our hand-embroidered and hand-quilted designs. Listening to these women's stories and learning how best we can support them and their families allows our work with them to feel more collaborative and authentic.  Working flexibly from home brings them the satisfaction of financial independence, but crucially allows them to stay in their villages and with their children.

We are passionate about opening the doors of the ateliers we work with to the world and share their stories in our journal and on Instagram regularly if you would like to learn more.

Ethical pricing in a fast fashion world

The fundamental model that Dilli Grey is built on is to provide affordable, accessible, ethically made fashion and homewares - all year round. To enable us to do that we price our pieces fairly from the get go. We pay fairly for our production and obviously as a growing commercial business we factor in profit and overheads, but what we don't build in is the inflated cost so that in 6 months time we can offer huge discounted sales. This is the model that large volume, fast-fashion retailers are built on. I worked for high-street brands for 20 years. I know how it works. Buying huge volumes and creating an inflated 'full price' so you can still make a profit in a 60% off sale.

This isn't how I want Dilli Grey to operate. I create and buy direct from my artisans, there is no middleman mark up or 'green washing' premium. I will always remain fair in my pricing to you; offering our email subscribers exclusive discounts from time to time as a thank you for being loyal, rather than a tactic to shift static stock.

We also 'buy conservatively' which means we aren't left with huge volumes of stock at the end of the season that we need to shift. Often we sell out of popular designs and whilst I know that disappoints many, I would rather we were in a position where we had zero waste at the end of the season. We often rework styles season after season as we believe in timeless, good design - so chances are we will reimagine a popular shape in a fresh printway to create a new look.

Ultimately, my passion is to demonstrate to you that buying beautiful, handmade, quality, ethical goods doesn't have to come at a ridiculous premium.

As always, thank you for being part of the Dilli Grey tribe, I love your passion and having you as part of what we do means the world.

Vickie x