One Purchase, One Tree - our new sustainability initiative

January is always a slow and considered start for me, planning with intention our objectives as a sustainable brand for the year ahead and I wanted to share some big news with you.

I have always said, sustainability isn't something you can retro-fit in hindsight with the appointment of a 'sustainability officer' - to be truly sustainable it has to come from the fundamental business model you are built upon.

As a small business owner it is definitely a conscious and moral choice to be 'ethical and sustainable', one that unfortunately does impact our profits but yet for me, it is the only way I want to do business - fairly, honestly and heart-led. After 20+ years working for high-street brands I have been on the 'other side' of fast fashion and it has galvanised me to build a better retail model for Dilli Grey.

We have updated our Sustainability policy here, with news on our shipping, packaging and production - but two things I would love to highlight to you:

As of 1 February 2022, for every purchase you make on, we will be planting a tree on your behalf, with the non-profit initiative, Just One Tree.

We are also starting work with an independent carbon-emissions auditor who is helping us understand the true impact of our business and advise us on any future steps we can make towards 100% carbon neutrality.

I am acutely aware that any promises around sustainability need to be held to account, so I will be sharing lots more as we progress through the year, including sharing my spring trip to India here on the journal so you can meet more of our artisan team! You can sign up to our newsletter here to stay in touch, too.

As always, my inbox is open - please email me with any questions.

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