Winner of the 2019 'Best Ethical Brand' in the Good Web Guide Awards

These are the steps we are making to improve our sustainability as a
brand in 2020:


Seasonless Style - wardrobe heroes you will wear forever

We are slow-fashion champions. Contemporary, trend-led design is pivotal to the Dilli Grey aesthetic but creating throw-away fashion is not our style. We are conditioned to think that ‘precision, exact replication, volume, speed’ are all the best ways to create fashion – that efficiency is king. Yet what happens when we slow that process down, who benefits? What can we learn? What beauty can be captured in the organic nature of truly handmade designs? These are questions we want to explore. We are constantly reviewing, refining and improving how we work in a sustainable and conscious way.

We create a considered, capsule collection of designs each season; we would rather you invested in a few pieces a year that you love, rather than in vast volumes that will be tomorrow's landfill. We do not re-design, for re-designing sake. Once we feel we have perfect the dreamiest white maxi dress, or the comfiest pair of pyjamas bottoms, we will simply re-fresh it each season in a new colourway. It's all about getting off the 'fast fashion' treadmill of 'new, new, new' and think 'how can this be made beautifully, and last?'

Zero-Waste Brand

As a 'zero waste' brand we ensure none of our end of season stock is sent to landfill, like so many of the fast-fashion brands - by producing in smaller collections it means we often sell-out, rather than having to heavily discount all our end of season surplus, which encourages the 'throwaway fashion mentality'.

We're not perfect but we are making these issues a priority - which is how progress can be made. Read about how we work fairly and ethically with our artisans, here